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Viziblezone is a vehicle/pedestrian real-time collision detection mobile application. It transforms the pedestrian’s mobile phone into a life-saving device, by increasing both pedestrians and drivers situational awareness uncertainty on roads.

For pedestrians, the application provide road safety behavioural information, so the pedestrian can monitor it and improve, as well as real time notifications near road to increase the pedestrian awareness (e.g. Watch the road - Notification to watch the road if the user is watching his phone while crossing a road).

For drivers, the application present real time alerts when high probability of an accident with a pedestrian is detected.

The solution is designed to operate under any weather and visibility conditions and to detect pedestrians at up to 150 meters, with minimum false alarms, even when they are located behind obstacles and with no direct line of sight between the pedestrian and the vehicle.

We are now piloting our technology and the features will be gradually rolled out!

How does it work?
1. A pedestrian carrying a Viziblezone enabled phone approaches a street before crossing.
2. Using a behavioural profile, the pedestrian’s smartphone uses its built-in radio transmitter to broadcast location signals to passing vehicles.
3. Viziblezone enabled vehicles nearby receive and process the signal in real time.
4. An AI-driven system determines accident risk based on pedestrian information, the driver profile, and the road environment.
5. When the Viziblezone system detects a high risk of an accident, it alerts the driver and the vehicle’s engine control unit with enough lead time to avoid a collision.

What is the meaning of the statistics that I see on my screen?
Roads crossed - The number of roads that were detected as crossed
Stopped before - The number of times that you stopped (for at least 1 sec.) before crossing the road
Walked safely - The number of times you crossed a road by walking in an appropriate speed and not by running or walking too slow
No. of steps - The total number of outdoor steps counted
Walking distance - The number of KMs walked outdoor
Avg. speed - The avg. walking speed calculated

When will the Driver mode work and I will get alerts as a driver?
The most critical issue for us is the ability to minimize false alarms and maximize the system overall reliability. For that, we need to analyse enough data. We are currently in the phase f collecting and analysing this data and we expect the alerting mechanism to be launched in the coming future.

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