Car accidents are the number one cause of unnatural deaths worldwide, with more than 1.4 million individuals killed and an additional 30 million injured annually. Among this toll, nearly one in four are pedestrians. And despite all the progress that’s been made in transportation technology, there is still no suitable answer to the challenge of ensuring pedestrian safety.

Viziblezone was founded with the vision of protecting pedestrians from road accidents by employing innovative technology. Viziblezone has introduced a patent-protected, cutting-edge vehicle integrated “Pedestrian Detector.” The system identifies, tracks and protects pedestrians, even when they go undetected by a fast-approaching driver. The detector is designed to operate in any adverse weather and visibility, whether day or night.


Gabi Ofir

CEO & Founder

Gabi has 20 years of experience, in researching and formalizing public safety technologies, under his belt, working for Motorola Solutions. Gabi is a renown communications protocols expert and an acknowledged world specialist in direct, Device-To-Device (D2D)  digital radio communications protocols.

He was also involved in crystallizing the standard of public safety institutions' D2D digital radio communications. Gabi was a "Motorola Solution's Distinguished Innovator" and is credited with 35 patents, 23 of which are fully granted and another 12 are pending grants. Gabi holds a Master degree in Solid State Physics from Tbilisi State University, Georgia (With Honour).

Shmulik Barel

COO & Co-Founder

Shmulik has over 15 years of experience in leading business and product units in technological companies at their hyper-growth phase. Through his career, Shmulik led large-scale multidisciplinary teams, including BizDev, Product, R&D & Customer success and led the relationships with key customers and partners.

Shmulik has strong execution capabilities and takes a major role in shaping the company strategy and converting it into an operational plan. Shmulik holds BSc in Computer Science from the Technion and an MBA from the Recanati School of Business Administration at Tel-Aviv University.

Eliq Oster

CTO & Co-Founder

Eliq has over 13 years of experience in data-driven research. In his last position, he led the data team in Consumer Physics (creator of SCiO, the hand-held spectrometer) and managed all data-related activities in the company: gathering data, analysis, and model creation, machine learning and feasibility research.

Eliq was the lead of operation research team in the Ministry of Defense, and an experimental physicist in a national lab. Eliq holds MSc and BSc in Physics from the Hebrew University and is a graduate of "Talpiot" elite program.




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