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Car accidents are the number one cause of unnatural deaths worldwide, with more than 1.4 million individuals killed and an additional 30 million injured annually. Among this toll, nearly one in four are pedestrians. And despite all the progress that’s been made in transportation technology, there is still no suitable answer to the challenge of ensuring pedestrian safety.

Viziblezone was founded with the vision of protecting pedestrians from road accidents by employing innovative technology. Viziblezone has introduced a patent-protected, cutting-edge vehicle integrated “Pedestrian Detector.” The system identifies, tracks and protects pedestrians, even when they go undetected by a fast-approaching driver. The detector is designed to operate in any adverse weather and visibility, whether day or night.


Gabi Ofir

CEO & Founder

  • 20years @ Motorola CTO office leading public safety research.
  • Credited with 35 patents.
  • World specialist in direct communication protocols.
  • Hold master degree in solid state physics.

Neri Ashuach

VP Biz-Dev

  • More than 15 years in sales and  marketing leadership positions.
  • Vast experience in strategic planning and operations setup.
  • Graduate of the Israeli air force flight school.
  • Holds master in administrative science

Dr. Baruh Hason


  • 30 years @ IDF, Motorola, COC Wireless on research and new products Synergetic.
  • Expertise on Comm’ Protocols, DSP, AI modeling, Data Processing.
  • Credited with 26 patens.
  • Holds Doctor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering

Roy Ben-Sasson

Chief Architect

  • Experienced systems architect with more than 30 years of experience.
  • Fluent in real-time mobile & web systems development.
  • Assimilating technologies to drive business success




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