Ensuring optimal operation flow with minimum disorders

Minimizing operational flow disorders

Operational streamlining in Closed Compounds is essential, to ensure optimized traffic and supply chain continuity. Operation flow disruption due to accidents resulting:

  • Extensive operating loss due to activity hiatus (e.g., flight schedules delays, cargo ship unloading)
  • Direct losses (e.g., Deaths, Injuries, and damage to assets)
  • Increasing Insurance rates
Viziblezone turns vulnerable road user's mobile phone into a life-saving device by using their mobile devices, as a source of an AI-based human behavior real-time data

Creating a virtual fence around areas, dynamic objects, assets, and employees to avoid accidents, using Context sensitive data collected, processed, and broadcasted by mobile phones and IoT devices. The technology was developed and tested for the automotive domain and is readily adaptable to Closed Compounds applications.

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What we do

Protect assets

Using mobile phones and IoT devices to create a virtual electronic fence around employees, vehicles, assets, obstacles, and restricted areas (e.g., runway incursion avoidance), by advertising their presence.

Real-Time Performance

Using mobile-to-mobile, and mobile-to-IoT ad-hoc RF broadcasts, with no use of the cellular network, which features a genuine Real-Time Performance and Optimal Secured Privacy.

Be Aware

Providing adaptive notifications and alerts, using context-sensitive danger scaling algorithm.


The VZ system detects pedestrians in any weather, any visibility, daytime, nighttime, or even when obscured by roadside objects.

Enterprise level collision avoidance system (CAS)

Also includes restricted areas incursion hazards detection

VZ technology instantly responds in real time to high-risk accident situations.

Always available

Operates under any weather and visibility conditions, even behind obstacles

The VZ behavior prediction model factors in individual profiles of pedestrians and drivers, as well as the attributes of the physical surroundings.

Plug & Play

Mobile SW integrated into an existing enterprise App.

The VZ system is a software-based solution, making it cost effective and easy to integrate into automotive systems.

Command Control

Full Control Dashboard, with near-miss statistics

easy swift integration

Decentralized approach

Ad-hoc BYOD deployment, mission-critical performance, and secured privacy.

easy swift integration

AI Powered

Situational awareness and human behavioral predictive logic, which reduces false alarms and miss detects, and optimizes mobile phones' battery consumption

From Automotive
to closed compounds

We are pivoting from the Automotive to a Closed Compounds domain, with a new go-to-market strategy, ensuring resilient operation flow in airports, seaports, logistical centers, and construction sites. The technology was developed and tested for the automotive domain and is readily adaptable to Closed Compounds applications, to meet our customers shortly.

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